Board of Directors


Robert Liebman (After School Programs, Inc.)

Vice President

Deb Ballinger (R'Club Child Care, Inc.)

First Vice President

Charles E. Byrd, Ph.D. (Center for Assessment, Strategic Planning, Evaluation & Research)


Greg Snow (After School Programs, Inc.)


Kathie DiPolito (R'Club Child Care, Inc.)

Region 1 Director

Ashley Scott

Region 2 Director

Eric Daniel Johnson

Region 3 Director

Contobia Adams

Region 4 Director

Ray Long (YMCA of the Suncoast)

Region 5 Director

Meredith Fraysure

Members at Large

Mary Grey (Pasco County School District)

Lani Lingo

Lasheena Williams

Debbie Zenk (Hillsborough County School District)

Executive Director

Sharon Carie

Executive Assistant

Debi Embry

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